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peeking my head out

I feel like I’m peeking my head out from under a rock, so to speak. The “real” blogging world is new to me, as I’ve only ever had a Xanga and a LiveJournal and Facebook. Somehow, those seem less “professional.” Here, to imprint my words on an artistic green backdrop (not created by me, I might add; I am distinctly untalented in the area of graphic arts), I feel they must live up to a certain standard. To be a real blogger, must not one know what one is talking about? Must one be well-read and one’s thoughts well-thought? Must one know exactly what to say and present thoughts or arguments with great clarity and poetic beauty?

I’m afraid  that I cannot live up to my own standard. So I will say it from the start: I am not sure what this blog will become, but I love to write, and I’ve found the best way to write is simply to write. To let my thoughts and my fingers take me where they will. Often that means my writing doesn’t sound professional or poetic or well-formulated.

Aside from my thoughts about life and faith, this blog will also include (I hope) photo updates for those of you following my life as a Resident Assistant here in Germany.

Okay. Time to send this first post into the deep, dark vacuum of the internet. Hello, blogging world!


9 Responses

  1. Hi, Jess! Your blog looks cool, and I’m glad you are starting one! 🙂

  2. Hey, Jessica!
    Your words sound poetic and well-formulated to me. Thanks for choosing this way to keep us updated. Looking forward to more…

  3. Never fret, maybe Missy Mushroom will ghost write for you. but I know we will enjoy your site.

  4. Very nice, Jess! Looking forward to your “real blogging” thoughts. 😉 Love ya!!!!

  5. Hi Jessica! Welcome to WordPress! You might remember me from Xanga. I switched to WordPress in May and really like it. 🙂

  6. Yes, we will be monitoring your blog, and making sure its content meets ISO and ANSI standards… 8)

  7. Jessica – We love your new wordpress blog. Congratulations!

  8. I obviously don’t know what URI means. Here’s my comment in the right place, I hope: You can’t fool me Jessica. You’ve been writing letters and stories since you were eight. You were timid, then, too. So you wrote letters from imaginary family members who lived in Russia or Poland. The foreign stamps from Bill Hayman made the letters you put in my mailbox seem (almost) authentic, so I answered the letters — and got letters in return. Cheers to the writers of the world!

  9. It must be a contagious thing. Your brother writes a new story when there is a lull in his activities. He even predicts when he feels a story coming on.
    We’re waiting for your next blog. Your article on attentive listening as a support
    for others is a memorable lesson for all of us. Now, if I could learn to do it . . .

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