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pirates of wittlingen

It started when Rachel stole posters of Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom from the area of the first floor formerly known as the Closet (now known as Davy Jones’s Locker). She filled their sink with water and left some toy boats floating in it. Then she left a ransom note demanding that the Locker’s inhabitants compose and sing a pirate song. They were to sing it at dinner some night this week.

But, arr! The pirates of Wittlingen refused to comply. Instead, they sneaked into Rachel’s room on her birthday (when she was away with friends, watching “Gilmore Girls”) and took her sheets and duvet. A dirty deed that was, mateys. Their ransom note said that she had to write a song, which she did – and sang it over the PA system.

Finally, last night, the pirates of Wittlingen rallied their forces and came to the living room in full swashbuckling attire to perform their song, to the tune of (what else?) “A Pirate’s Life for Me.” You can watch a video of it here.

The pirates sing their song.

The pirates with Rachel.


One Response

  1. so fun that you have a wordpress blog too 🙂 so do we. loved the pirate story – i can just see it all happening 🙂 . Love you!!

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