indescribable life

I am surfacing momentarily to say that I am alive and – at last – well. I recovered from the flu just in time to spend a weekend off in London with Rachel. She fell in love with the city and I realized afresh that part of my heart abides in Great Britain.

We got to see “Wicked,” which was incredibly good. It was my first Broadway-scale play, and I am hooked.

We saw many beautiful and famous sites and enjoyed good weather throughout the weekend. And what London trip is complete without fish and chips? It was a near perfect weekend off.

A week later, on February 4, my friend Jana flew in from the States for a two week visit. As soon as she arrived, I got sick again with chills, aches, and another chest cold. It wasn’t as bad as before, but I was partially incapacitated for the first few days she was here. Antibiotics came to the rescue, though, and started kicking out the infection within a few days. I took another weekend off so we could travel to Interlaken and up into the Swiss Alps for a few days. I never tire of those mountains. We also took a day trip to a couple of German castles (or rather, castle ruins, but beautiful nonetheless). Otherwise she’s gotten a taste of my life in the dorm, and we’ve had fun doing the regular tasks like laundry and mega-grocery shopping. I’ll be sad to see her go on Monday. Perhaps next week I’ll get a chance to post pictures from our time together and the trip to Switzerland. For now, I just wanted you all to know that I am alive, and I am tremendously thankful not to be sick anymore.


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  1. Very glad you are well, have had time with a friend, and posted again! I check regularly and was hoping you hadn’t given up blogging. So, (illness aside) is the year going well?

  2. glad you are feeling better my dear – miss you bunches!!

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