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these Americans are everywhere

This morning Teri and I went grocery shopping in France. We almost always shop in Germany because, well, we’re in Germany. But there’s a giant French supermarket only about 10 min. away, so we decided to make a stop there this morning. They have a wider selection of goodies like snack stuff and cookies and coffee, so we stocked up on those types of items. It was fun. Oh, and the first person we saw when we entered the store approached us with a clipboard and pen. He said something in French and wanted to give us a public opinion survey. Neither of us speak any French beyond “au revoir” and “bonjour,” so we said, “Sorry, we’re English speakers.”

“Americans?” he asked. We nodded, and he was like, “Where from?” When we said Maryland and Tennessee, he pointed at himself and said, “Ohio.” He explained that he’s a missionary (church planter) and that he works for this survey company on the side to make money. We told him we work at Black Forest.

So we drive 20 km away, go into a French grocery store in a medium sized Alsatian town, and the first person we meet is an American guy from Ohio conducting public opinion surveys.


2 Responses

  1. that’s so funny!

  2. How to go Jessica

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