in another world…again

What a strange life. It’s familiar; it’s relatively uneventful; it’s relaxing and stressful at the same time. I’m back in the USA, back at home with my family for the summer. The joyous things are that I’m relishing the time with them, the weather is astonishingly gorgeous, and my body is finally catching up on rest after months of not-enough sleep. The painful aspects are that I miss my community in Germany and that I don’t yet have a job here. I feel as though I’m floating; like I’ve broken away from the other world but haven’t landed here yet. There, I fit neatly into the puzzle of the dorm, of the community. Here, I fit to a degree but it will take time to feel at home again in this country. Every time I go out, I feel as though I’ve sprouted antennae and have become an alien from outer space. I see old, familiar sights and experiences with new eyes and from a different perspective.

It’s hard to explain. Those who have lived in another country and then moved back to their original home – perhaps you know what I am feeling.

My heart knows it will be all right. It will take time to adjust, just like it did when I moved to Germany. When you dig up a plant and transfer it to new soil, it doesn’t set down new roots right away. After it recovers from the shock of the transition, it adjusts to the new conditions and starts to grow again.

I look forward to the time when I will again have growing roots here; when I will know my place in the puzzle.


3 Responses

  1. I hear you, I can’t say I have shifted my life between two countries, but have certainly felt that familiar yet unsettling feeling you talk about.

    Home will always be home, there’s nothing that can take the contentment out of that. Change in life is never an enjoyable experience (maybe I speak for myself) but is without a doubt something that time can heal, you’ll be with those ‘new roots’ in no time!

    Enjoyed the story, thanks for sharing & good luck!

  2. Waiting for the update??

  3. I’m with you, friend. happy job hunting!

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