Ich liebe Dietrich Bonhoeffer

So, one paragraph of Bonhoeffer answers some of my recent questions about prayer.

Prayer means nothing else but the readiness to appropriate the Word, and what is more, to let it speak to me in my personal situation, in my particular tasks, decisions, sins, and temptations. What can never enter the prayer of the community may here silently be made known to God. On the basis of the words of Scripture we pray that God may throw light on our day, preserve us from sin, and enable us to grow in holiness, and that we may be faithful in our work and have the strength to do it. And we may be certain that our prayer will be heard because it issues from God’s Word and promise. Because God’s Word has found its fulfillment in Jesus Christ, all the prayers we pray on the basis of this Word are certainly fulfilled and answered in Jesus Christ.

No matter what I pray for, the answer is Jesus Himself. How simple, yet how past finding out, are the things of God… I understand, yet I don’t.

This quote is from Bonhoeffer’s book about Christian community, entitled Life Together. I read it last year while living in the dorm, and it’s superb. If you haven’t, you should read it.


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