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I am thankful…

… that I’m healthy (except for stress)

… for modern medicine, without which two of my immediate family members would not be alive

… for the ability to write, talk, and communicate with others, and grow in my knowledge and understanding

… for great literature and the arts

… for grace…Christ’s sacrificial love and the way His death and resurrection make a close relationship with Him possible

… for supportive, prayerful, understanding, wonderful friends who challenge me, comfort me, and love me the way I am, despite my shortcomings

… for my family, who love me unconditionally and who always “get” my weird sense of humor (and I “get” theirs)

… for the beauty of creation, especially in springtime!

… for the promise of eternal life and better times to come

… for the promise of abundant spiritual life here and now, because of Christ living His life in and through me

… for no more lesson planning, at least for now!

… for the beauty of God’s Word and the way it is alive to speak to me thousands of years after it was written

… for Stabilo pens from Germany, in lots of different colors (pens just make me happy!)

… for coffee and chocolate, and all the pleasant people-and-place-related associations I have with each


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