life in-between

After small group tonight, a friend and I noted how many of us are in perplexing “in-between” stages of life. Half of our group of young adults are currently job-searching. In a way, that’s disheartening, but in another it’s encouraging since it means we can support and understand each other. Most of us didn’t expect to find ourselves in this spot at this time of our lives. When I was younger, I thought maybe by age twenty-six I’d have my life stretching clearly in front of me like a straight road. I’d be able to pinpoint my goals and come closer each day to reaching them.

Instead, every aspect of my life is surrounded by question marks. The possibilities are endless, and to my occasional dissatisfaction, I still cannot pinpoint specific goals that I feel “called” to fulfill in the long-term. I have goals, but they are either short term ones or abstract ones (neither are less important, I am finding).

The interesting thing is that my position now – without a clearly defined pathway before me – is very similar to what I faced post-college graduation in 2006. Circumstantially, I’m in the same boat. Emotionally and spiritually, though, I am in a different place. Only God’s grace can explain this change. Instead of depression and doubt, I see doors of opportunity around me. I’m confused by them, but also excited. I know God will provide, and I know it will probably be in ways I don’t expect (or even particularly want, until the right time). I’ve come through difficult times before, when God seemed silent for a while and then spoke loudly enough for me to hear. That will happen again. Thanks to Him that I can say that – for the gift of faith. Although it flickers and wavers daily, it’s there, like He is there.


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  1. Jumped over here from HSA. πŸ™‚

    You know, in my life I’ve never reached a place where I had that “straight path” in front of me (even when I thought I’d be single forever! lol). I think I’ve just gotten better at trusting God that this twisting-turning path is OK so long as He’s with me.
    I agree, the gift of faith is priceless. It is why I wouldn’t go back and undo some of the really hard times, because they have brought me to the “now” in my walk with God.

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