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roaring lambs?

Tonight I finished the book I’ve been reading, Roaring Lambs by Bob Briner. It’s a “manifesto” of a Christian’s “proper stance regarding the culture-shaping arena” (according to the back cover). Although I agree with Briner’s general premise, I admit some disappointment in his presentation and I disagree with some of his strategies. I also think his metaphor of “roaring lambs” is a bit weak. (Lambs don’t roar in real life, so imagining a cute, fuzzy white animal belting out a lion’s roar is a trifle alarming – or worse, giggle-inducing.) He makes a few excellent points, though, and this one is my favorite:

In my circles, Christians are thought of as people who are against things. I want us to be known as people who are for things good, wholesome, creative, wonderful, and fulfilling.

In the book, he writes at length about Christian organizations who boycott and launch negative campaigns against media. He argues that, instead of constantly being negative, Christians should promote what is beautiful and good in art. We should create art of the finest quality possible, to be “salt” (a preserving agent) in our culture. I like this idea.


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