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Jugglers, unicyclists, fire eaters, entertainers wanted:

We are seeking entertainers to have a troupe of available shows. Jugglers, unicyclists, fire eaters and spinners, balloon twisters, acrobats, rope walkers…..

This ad is currently on my city’s Craigslist. Maybe this is my opportunity for a brand new career? I’d rather learn to juggle than eat fire or walk on a tightrope. But…I’d rather keep trying to be a teacher and a writer than do any of the things listed above. When my current tasks daunt me, I will give thanks that I’m not a fire eater, and be content.


One Response

  1. Yeah I hear you. I burn my tongue almost every time that I drink something hot. Fire-eating would not be a safe career for me and tight-rope walking…….um….I don’t think so.

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