Like the seasons, our lives change. Sometimes a storm blows in, changing our circumstances in an instant. Most of the time, the changes are more gradual. One season slowly melts into the next. In the past few weeks, I’ve felt the last vestiges of summer fade into the distance while the coolness of autumn crept closer. Now autumn hovers over me, and memories of the summer, both of its weather and its plans and thoughts, are growing dim. The pages of my book are turning. Old chapters are ending and new ones are beginning.

As always, I’m excited and nostalgic at the same time. Eager to move forward but clutching at the familiar. The possible changes staring me in the face are monumental, and are both desires I have worked toward for some time. The first is moving into my own place (shared with a roommate), and the second is beginning graduate school. The first possible change became a decision yesterday, and the second is still only a possibility. Nevertheless, I am excited. Eager. A little overwhelmed. I know new seasons bring new challenges, but I am ready to learn new things. I’ve decided to embrace the changes; though I am a little reluctant to put my flip-flops in the closet, I am happy I get to wear my scarf and beret.


2 Responses

  1. What a wonderful time for you Jessica. This is the mere beginning of a bright and glorious future!

  2. New beginnings are so exciting! I rejoice for you :).

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