on weddings

I’ve returned from a short weekend trip to Indiana, where I watched another friend tie the knot. Weddings are almost surreal events, I’ve noticed, even when I am present for all the lead-up to them. I watch the bridesmaids do hair and make-up, don their dresses, and help the bride adjust her veil. Food is prepared and I help to decorate the venue for a festive occasion. This time, and several other times, I even watch the rehearsal walk-through and see beforehand exactly how the event will unfold. Then, finally, I am present at the wedding ceremony and watch as my beautiful friend walks the aisle on the arm of her father, who gives her away to the smiling man worthy of her choice. Mothers and sisters cry, vows are exchanged, and the groom kisses the bride. It is lovely and real…but somehow it never seems quite real. In those few moments, with friends and family members dressed to the hilt and standing on either side, two lives change forever? It is real, and it is true, and it happens before my eyes. Still, it seems unreal. Surreal. Like a play unfolding, not real life.

Perhaps a wedding really is like a play, and real life catches up later. That does not make the event any less real, or any less beautiful. It is just, I think, that my mind cannot fathom what is occurring so quickly; I need time to readjust my paradigm. Another friend is married. Yes, it is true. It is real. I just need time to get used to the idea.


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  1. You’ve said what has been rolling around in my head these past few days as I’ve been trying to come to grips with the fact that one of my best friends will be a bride next spring. I just finally made it through the fact that they were courting and now engaged? huh?
    It does seem surreal at times. That these two people that I’ve known for a half a dozen years are going to become one. Just like that.

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