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sick again

Here I am. Sick again.

It seems only a few weeks ago that I was sick. Oh, yes. It was only a few weeks ago. Alas, yesterday I came down quite suddenly with something nasty. I felt fine all day at work, and then as soon as I arrived home and found a traffic ticket awaiting me in the mail (thanks to the new-fangled traffic cameras; I just love them), my throat began to swell. By evening I had a low fever and was shivering like it was January in the Black Forest.

So I called in sick to work and spent today leisurely at home. I wrote some e-mails, read, drank many cups of orange spice tea, worked on a few writing projects, and took intermittent naps to drive away the virus. Right now I’m feeling much better. It is amazing how a fever, even a small one, can exhaust me. I mean, I’ve been inactive for the past 24 hours, never changing out of pajamas, and yet I feel like I’ve run a few miles. Perhaps fighting a virus burns calories? I can hope.

On an unrelated note, I miss pumpkin soup. It is perfect food on a sick day – or any day. I need to make some soon.

On a second unrelated note, I googled my name (what people do when they’re sick in bed with a laptop, right?) and found this article. Blast from the past. I love how the other students sound like party animals, and I sound like a straight-laced, nerdy English major. This makes me laugh because it was (is?) so true.


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  1. Jessica, I read the UT write-up. Your answer sounds like what my answer would have been sans orange.

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