here I sit, not at work

Once again, I’m sick.

I’m trying valiantly to have a good attitude about this. There surely is a purpose in it, but I confess I see nothing but frustration and unpleasantness and inconvenience at the moment. I’d been over my other long-lasting malady for only a week or two, when on Sunday I came down with what I thought was a “little trifling cold.” Yesterday I felt worse, but still made it to work. This morning I woke up an hour or two before my alarm and realized I shouldn’t try to teach today. My heart was hammering, I was on the verge of feeling feverish, and once again I have a sinus infection not to be described. (So, I won’t try.) What is up with this? The third time I’ve been sick this fall.

So, I finally gave in and made a dr. appointment for this afternoon. Maybe I want drugs, or maybe I just want him to tell me I don’t have some horrid disease. Either way, I hope to find some relief and start on the road to recovery.

For now, I’m stuck at home, and wondering how to make the next few hours productive. I’ve been feeling the urge to write, but the necessity of teaching and the pleasantness of cultivating friendships have eased that intention onto the back burner. Maybe I should pull it out to the front again. I guess blogging is a good beginning.

The weather is beautiful. It’s a shame I am not well enough to walk in it. However, I can still enjoy it from my six bedroom windows. (Yes, six. I am living in the light, and it’s lovely.)

So, attitude is important. Perhaps that is what I am to learn through this constantly-being-sick experience. Being sick and immobile can easily plunge me into frustration and depression, but when I stop and look at my life, I have much to cherish and enjoy. In fact, I love my life right now! I won’t let a silly virus get in the way of that realization. This, too, shall pass, and meanwhile I can use the time to reflect and write…and leave all my stresses and uncertainties in God’s capable hands.


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