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the festival: in short

I feel inadequate. Describing the Festival of Faith and Writing is beyond the current capacity of my brain. Long days of absorbing jewels of wisdom and information combined with late nights catching up with one of my BFA dorm girls who graciously allowed me to crash on the futon in her dorm room made this week a grueling, dizzying, rich experience. I’m so glad I went.

There were so many sessions, lectures, readings, and events at the conference that I had trouble deciding which ones to choose. I noticed a few common threads in the ones I did attend. (Or maybe they seemed like common threads because they struck a chord with me.) I want to flesh out these ideas later, but to help me remember, here are a few.

+ blogging to “build a platform” or to find an audience

+ writing as a means of discovery: “write what you don’t know” instead of the traditional “write what you know”

+ writing as a spiritual discipline, an act of worship or prayer

+ the (glorious, beautiful) idea that good writing is not didactic and moralistic, but authentic, truthful, and made more powerful through understatement

+ publishing continues to change drastically due to technological innovations

The overarching question I found the conference raised, for me, is this: why do I write? The answer is different for various writers. I think I know the answer, for me. When I muster the eloquence, I will blog about it.

Right now, I am still suffering from accumulated sleep deprivation. So I’ll go remedy that.


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