faith in me

Lately I’ve been reading I Corinthians 13 a lot, and when I flipped to it a few days ago I realized it was part of a half-awake dream I’d just had. Not really a dream, perhaps, but a thought that went on for a while in a state of semi-consciousness. The memory is hazy, but the point was “God has faith in me.”

Everyone talks about having faith in God. But didn’t He have faith in us first? If faith is a gift . . . and He is love . . . and love bears and believes all things . . . it makes sense.

God has faith in me. That’s empowering. He made me. Therefore, He sees my potential and has faith in my abilities. He has complete confidence in my value because He created it. I think His faith is not what I expect. Not faith that I can accomplish lots of good works, necessarily. I think His faith in me is more about believing that I can endure, that I can be patient, that I can be kind, that I can be self-controlled, that I can be a peacemaker. He has faith that I can love well. He has more faith than I do! But that’s okay. It’s good.


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