coffee shops

I love coffee shops.

I’m sitting in one right now. My favorite one. There are six other people here, including my roommate, who’s sitting beside me at the table writing an assignment for a class she’s taking. I’m sipping an iced mocha (decaf, of course, since it’s 8:22 p.m.). Through the window, I can see hazy colors of the sun setting over the city. My little city.

Coffee shops are interesting places because people come to them to sit. They come alone, to work. They come with someone, to spend time together (even if they just sit next to each other and read books, not talking but enjoying the company). They come to meet a friend, to discuss life and catch up.

A coffee shop is not like a restaurant. It isn’t loud (usually). The atmosphere is not rushed (or shouldn’t be). It is a productive place. It is a haven of creativity. At any time, a coffee shop is filled with people who are researching, writing, conversing, musing, and reading. I can almost feel the brain waves bouncing around. People here are thinking.

Maybe I’m optimistic. Maybe everyone’s tuned out, surfing useless areas of the world wide web, having shallow conversations, or reading pulp fiction. But I don’t want to think that. I want to preserve my image of coffee shops, because I love them. They inspire me. (The coffee doesn’t hurt, either.)


5 Responses

  1. The coffee doesn’t hurt unless it keeps you up until nearly 2 a.m. Oops! 🙂 I guess I got to enjoy hearing the wind blowing around outside for hours. But, yes, I love relatively quiet coffee shops. Thanks again for being a part of last night.

  2. Oops, sorry the coffee kept you up too late! 🙂 I enjoyed last night prodigiously! Your art display looks fantastic.

  3. Greetings,

    I found your blog from the fresh brew blog. I enjoy your writings!

    I agree about coffee shops. They are my favorite place for writing, studying, reading, conversing with friends, hanging out with Jesus and, hey, drinking coffee! I have a dream of turning a dining room space in my house into a coffee shop like area. Not sure if my husband would agree to it. Perhaps if I pray about it, he could be convinced.


  4. Prodigiously? Wow! Good. Hope you are enjoying Virginia at least as well! We’ll be glad to have you back (for a few days).

  5. Sarah, thanks for reading! I’m glad you are virtually “here.” 🙂 Also glad you enjoy coffee shops, too. Your idea of turning a dining room into a coffee shop-like area sounds delightful. Some friends of mine have a coffee-themed kitchen and I enjoy that too.

    Hannah, yes, prodigiously! 😉 I am enjoying VA but eager to be back in TN. See you soon, I hope. 🙂

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