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from across the sea

From my personal journal:

10 June 2010

Over the Atlantic

We are on our way home. What a trip. It was full of new experiences and memories. I wish I’d done a more thorough job of journal writing, but I was often exhausted when I had time, and preferred to zone out by reading or just thinking. When you are hurtling from place to place, country to country, you experience so much so quickly that you despair of trying to write it all, or even be able to mentally process it. I tend to go into overload mode and spend free time staring into space, thinking, absorbing.

Little things are different in other countries: many, many little things, so that you can hardly pinpoint them all, although you notice them (sometimes subconsciously). It is exhausting and diminishes the chance of recording everything in a journal.

The guy in the seat in front of me has terrible b.o. I have been smelling it for about seven hours and somehow thought I should take note of it. The guy in front of [my brother] was sick to his stomach early on in the flight and got sick into a vomit bag. It’s been an eventful journey.

And now we are home, and I am glad. I’m still trying to collect my thoughts, get my life in order, and reel in my head from wherever it is floating somewhere over the North Atlantic. But this is home, and I’m glad to be here. Hello again, Tennessee friends!


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