Sleep is a mysterious activity.

I mean, think about it. You get a heavy feeling behind your eyelids and your limbs start to sag. You yawn. Your eyelids droop so that they become like curtains, obstructing the view.

So you crawl into bed and curl up beneath the covers. After a little while, in a process you will have no memory of later, you somehow lose consciousness. Your body goes limp. Except for your heavy breathing (snoring, maybe?), anyone would take you for dead. Your eyes are closed, and you’re unresponsive.

You lie this way for perhaps eight hours, and then, for some reason – either because you hear a noise, see the light of day, or are prompted by an internal clock just as mysterious as sleep itself – you come back to life. You go through the motions of being sleepy, only backwards. Yawn, sit up, slowly open your eyes. After a few minutes, and perhaps a cup of coffee, you feel ready for another day. Sleep has recharged your batteries.

Eight hours of being almost dead have given you more energy for being alive. How cool is that?


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