wouldn’t it be nice?

Earlier today, I remarked to a friend that a world without money would be nice.

Indeed it would. I mean, really. Money is such a bother. You can’t live without it. You need it to get food and lodging. You need it to go to the doctor if you’re sick. You need it to pay an insurance company just in case your car gets bumped or your ankle gets broken. You need it to drive your car. You need it to pay for flushing the toilet, taking a shower, and turning on the light. You need it every moment you are alive on earth.

What if no one had it and no one needed it? What if everything was free? I guess, in that case, a lot of people would turn greedy and steal more than their share from everyone else. But since I’m creating an idealistic world, what if no one was greedy and everything functioned smoothly and without the need for currency? No dollars or cents; just a trip to the grocery store to get what you actually need. That would be nice. Oh, so nice.


2 Responses

  1. That would be heaven.

    Oh wait…that WILL be heaven.

  2. Oh, what I would do to be free like that. No more money!!

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