What is beauty?

Some part of me believes that if I could wake up every morning and gaze long and deep at the Cliffs of Moher, I could experience a tranquil, creative lifestyle every day. It’s easy to see beauty in my world when it fills the landscape, as it did the day my brother and I were touring Ireland and stopped for the afternoon at this gorgeous spot. It’s more difficult to see beauty in my life when I’m in familiar places, doing familiar things with familiar people. Often I fail to see the beauty in local landscapes, routine events, and well-known and loved people. I tend to overlook the beauty. I take it for granted.

I want to see my world with fresh eyes. I want to wake up and see the Cliffs rising hundreds of feet from the sparkling ocean; I want to smell the green grass and yellow flowers and bask in the sun from a blue sky. I want to live a life that seeks and embraces beauty.


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