Migros Huhn

Someone I knew from BFA posted a link today to a commercial. It amused me so much (for some reason) that I watched it about five times (maybe because I was working on teaching-related documents on the computer and, in such cases, I often find reasons to distract myself?). So I just did a YouTube search and found a few more similar commercials for Migros, a grocery store chain in Switzerland. (I occasionally shopped there when I lived in Europe.)

Maybe it’s the scenery? Maybe it’s the peppy music? Maybe it’s the scurrying little chicken? I don’t know, but these commercials have caught my fancy and are finding their way onto my blog. A little free advertising for a Swiss grocery store can’t hurt. Right?

Watch this one first. I think it’s the original.

In this one, the chicken finds a friend. And the background music is back, and better than ever.


2 Responses

  1. Ha! I love this. Its very funny!!

  2. I really enjoyed watching the commercials. Funny, cute and entertaining!

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