There are a lot of details involved in wedding planning. That is what I am learning this week.

However, with extra hands to help the tasks can go quickly and be quite enjoyable. And it’s all very exciting, this watching a friend get ready for her big day.

This is not much of a blog post, but at least it is one. Until later, then.


3 Responses

  1. JEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESS!!! We apparently need to talk! 🙂

    • Jenny, haha, it’s not my wedding I’m planning! 🙂 I’m at a friend’s this week and she’s getting married on Saturday.

  2. I learned that, too, as we helped our friend prepare for her wedding this last March. Happily, it all came together and was very beautiful! I think the only ‘mishap’ was that the bride forgot her bouquet on the way down the aisle. 🙂 I guess we bridesmaids should have noticed a little sooner 😉

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