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the poetry project: acrostics

One of my life goals is to write consistently and creatively. This fall I decided to narrow the goal a little (since narrower goals are easier to accomplish) and choose a writing project for each month. August’s was The Blog Project. It was my unspoken attempt to write a blog post every single day during the month of August. Braving a few late nights, and posting a few brainless entries, I succeeded – much to my comfort. (There is something comforting about achieving a goal; even a small one. It makes me think, “Hey, maybe I can follow through with bigger projects, too.”)

I was out of town during the first few days of September, so I didn’t think much about this month’s writing goal until yesterday. Jokingly, I told someone that I should make September “poetry month.” Later, I told someone else, and they both encouraged me. There is something in me that has always shied away from poetry – from reading it, but even more, from writing it. I am intimidated by the genre and think of myself as too practical to “get” poetry. I’m not a melancholic personality, and do not experience strong emotions and mood swings. All poets fit that description, right? I couldn’t possibly be stereotyping, could I? Nah.

Whether or not I find myself a true poet (I doubt it), this month I am challenging myself to dabble in the art. I’ve decided to highlight several poetic forms and try my hand at writing pieces within their boundaries. It will be a good exercise and, quite possibly, a source of amusement for my readers. I also realize it might drive away any readership I’ve accumulated here at the blog, so I probably will not be posting everything I write for this project. I will continue posting other musings, too. The poetry monster is not taking over my brain or blog. I’m just sharing with all of you – whoever you are – that this is my goal for September. The more people I alert, the more accountability I have for following through.

Without further ado, I present an acrostic.

“Simple Life” by JLB












One Response

  1. Good for you! Small goals are great for accomplishing big goals. Last year, I made an effort to write at least one poem a month. At times, I felt completely inadequate but I always managed to squeak one out before the month was over! I learned a lot too.
    Love your poem!

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