the poetry project: didactic cinquains

So today I’m trying out the didactic cinquain.

“Sleep” by JLB

Tired, dragging

Fall in bed

Savor the peaceful drowsiness


“Write” by JLB

Discipline, work

Typing after midnight

Let out your heart


“Poetry” by JLB

Unusual words

Careful and orderly

Speak a new language



One Response

  1. Jessica,
    I like your style (not just poetry). I also have been intimidated by POETRY! In more recent years I am just being more _playful_ with it!
    Why were we taught to fear it when words are so wonderful and downright mouthy?

    Have you ever read Cargoes by John Masefield for the feeling of the words? My whole idea about interacting with poetry changed when I heard a British friend reading it gleefully with her six year old daughter. They just reveled in the quickening pace of the cadence and challenge of spitting out the sounds without regard to the meaning of the words.

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