the poetry project: limericks

We’re back to the poetry project, and tonight I will attempt a few limericks.


by JLB

There was a wee gnat on my screen

Who couldn’t quite get his legs clean

He rubbed them together

Quite safe from the weather

And felt most astoundingly keen


by JLB

I heard a low rumbling sound

While in my house, sitting around

In the sky it was clear

That the craft said “GoodYear”

And was hovering far from the ground


by JLB

Limerick writing is hard

I dislike it and then I discard

The lines that I write

They give me a fright

And show me I’m not a true bard


4 Responses

  1. haha…love it! 😀

  2. On the contrary Ma’am, you excel.
    Your limericks scan rather well.
    So often I rant
    That many folk can’t.
    A bard, yes you are, I can tell.

  3. Careful

    You’ll find the metre stuck in your head.
    You’ll still be composing in bed–
    While trying to sleep
    You’ll count some sheep
    But be wearied by rhymes instead!

  4. Ha, I love limericks; I need to write some more…

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