The challenge to which Christ calls His followers is to live in continuous communion with Himself. It is to actually partake of His presence perpetually. It is to be acutely aware that His life is being imparted, transmitted to me, directly by intimate personal interaction. This is not some sort of flight of fancy or sensational spirituality that eludes most people. It can be the daily habit of anyone who truly desires to know Christ in the power of His resurrection.

If a father, in anguish of spirit, can call me from more than a thousand miles away, and we share each other’s life in the most profound pathos and at the deepest levels of human experience–why cannot it happen with Christ who is here?…

Why then are we daunted by a skeptical society that chides and derides us for claiming to know Christ, to actually share His life? Without seeing Him, without touching Him, I still share His life in joy.

(from Strength of Soul by W. Phillip Keller)


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