the final countdown

In four minutes I’ll be 28.

Goodbye, 27. You’ve been challenging, sweet, and memorable.

Hello, 28. I hope you are as much of all three.

As the years pass, I am less excited about the new numbers. They seem to loom ahead for months before each birthday, staring at me with accusation in their eyes.

“Have you done enough?” they ask. “Are you where you want to be at this age? Have you accomplished what you thought you would by now?”

Be quiet, silly numbers. Most of my old measurements of achievement are defunct now. My life dreams are essentially the same, but they have morphed into deeper, less easily defined goals. Adulthood is not, as I used to imagine, a cut-and-dried series of attainments and rites of passage.

I don’t need to prove myself to anyone. I’ve discovered that the most fulfilling things in my life are not tangible, expensive, or self-glorifying.

And as I get older, I crave wisdom. If I never become a published author, marry and raise a family, or travel to all seven continents, it won’t be the end of the world. Those things are only experiences. The actual experiences are less important than the effect they have. What matters is my maturity.

I can let God use my experiences to shape me. I can maintain a humble attitude and learn from them. I can grow wiser.

Or I can choose to respond selfishly to my experiences. I can cross my arms and stamp my foot at God. I can enjoy the good times and ignore the bad and remain an adolescent in understanding.

I want to grow wiser. I want to learn from everything I experience, difficult or pleasant. I want to know my God well and dearly and to be unafraid to say so.



4 Responses

  1. Happy 28th Birthday!!! I know what you mean about the numbers… 26 will be here for me before I know it!

  2. Happy Birthday, and Merry Christmas.

    I think you’re approaching this new year with an excellent attitude.

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