not abandoned

My blog appears abandoned.


But my mind has not ceased to twist and turn thoughts over and over; has not stopped questioning the things I’ve always believed and reaching for the truth amidst my fears.

The pursuit of truth is worth the trouble. I hope I never stop chasing it, and I hope that the more I find of it, the less fear I will harbor in my heart. I’ve been thinking about this: that the truth might be difficult, but it is always good. Believers in the truth need never be afraid to seek it, and its Source, whether in our hearts, in other people, or in the wider world. The truth cuts, but it also heals. As I seek truth, I experience a feeling of freedom: because I believe there is something solid beneath my feet; something that I can’t fully see, but that gets larger and larger the more I walk on it and explore it.

The truth is like clear air in a brisk wind by the sea. It heartens and invigorates me. I want to know it better, and for it to know me better, reaching even to the deepest parts of my heart.


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