a poem

Tell all the truth but tell it slant,

Success in circuit lies,

Too bright for our infirm delight

The truth’s superb surprise;

As lightning to the children eased

With explanation kind,

The truth must dazzle gradually

Or every man be blind.

–Emily Dickinson


One Response

  1. Evening, Jessica. I found your blog through a comment you made on Alicia’s blog. This is the first Emily Dickinson poem that means something to me (I have probably read three)! The syntax is engaging. It is simultaneously laconic and deep, which I love! Anyways, since you brightened my evening, I find it fitting to attempt to provide something interesting for you.

    This is a poem I recited for Poetry Out Loud about a year ago. I leave you with no further description. If you find the poem enjoyable enough, I encourage you to read about the Poet. He has a admirable story.


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