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the antichrist

One more quote from Eugene Peterson’s Reversed Thunder, which I finished reading tonight. I love what he says here, and am recording it for my own benefit. After I’d finished reading the final page, I started to close the book and then thought, No. I’m going to post this quote on my blog so that I can remember it. So, for my own benefit, here it is:

Later in the Revelation, there is an ingenious reinforcement of this perception of time as the antichrist is described in a parody of the grammatical name: “it was and is not and is to come” (Rev. 17:8). The antichrist is defined by a past (he was) and a future (will be here, parestai), but as having no present at all. The antichrist is never here and now, there is no existence. He conjures with items out of the past and suggestions about the future but never deals with what is, for there is no is, no present. In the present, antichrist is sheer fraud. But everything that God is and everything that God has been is present, immediate, invading the here and now. Nothing is remote, either in the distant past or in the far-flung future. In God, past and future impinge, constantly, on the present.



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